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Maria is a seasoned Behavior Therapist and certified Relationship Development Consultant. She has worked in the education field for over 20 years and is passionate about helping every kid reach their potential. Maria is deeply valued for her knowledge and her ability to connect and make progress with kids of all ages and abilities. 
Maria is  a former Personal Trainer and Athlete and believes Movement is Medicine!!


Allie is a board certified and licensed occupational therapist serving children in Washington D.C. She is also a certified yoga instructor and enjoys incorporating yoga and movement into her sessions. She has further training in feeding, trauma, and social emotional learning. She is always learning and is currently pursuing her PhD in occupational therapy at Nova Southeastern University. Allie believes in empowerment based practice to achieve success. In her free time she enjoys hiking, reading and being in nature!



Lauren Devine brings a decade of experience creating customized learning programs for kids and adults. She developed proprietary methods to optimize learning that are currently used in more than a dozen schools, learning centers and clinic in cities across the US. Lauren believes strongly in empowering kids with the knowledge and skills to shape their own minds and has trained teachers and other professionals nationally and internationally in topics including enhancing memory, improving processing skills (attention, working memory and processing speed), fostering metacognitition, and how to develop 'sophisticated learners'.

Lauren currently works 1:1 with kids and young adults with Autism, including non-speaking/non-reliable speakers using the rapid prompting method (RPM). 
She is also a trained tennis pro, a passionate yogi, and a big fan of the transformative power of meditation.

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