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Understanding the 1.5-2 (1.75 Goal) Over/Under Betting in Football

In the world of sports betting, particularly in football, understanding various betting options is crucial for strategic wagering. One such betting format is the Over/Under 1.5-2 goals market, often referred to as the 1.75 goal market. This article will delve into what this type of bet entails, how it differs from similar markets, and soccer tips telegram

What is the 1.5-2 (1.75 Goal) Over/Under Bet?

The Over/Under 1.5-2 goal market, symbolizing a threshold of 1.75 goals, is a type of bet where you predict whether the total goals in a football match will be over (Over) or under (Under) the bookmaker’s set line of 1.75 goals. This betting line offers a blend of two adjacent Over/Under markets and affects the payout structure significantly.

Comparison with Similar Over/Under Markets

To comprehend the 1.5-2 goal market, it's helpful to compare it with the straight Over 1.5 and Under 2 goal markets:

Over 1.5 Goals Market: In this straightforward bet, you win if the total goals are two or more. You lose if the goals are one or none.

Under 2 Goals Market: Here, you win if the match ends with fewer than two goals. If two goals are scored, you get a refund, often termed as a push.

The 1.5-2 goal market splits the difference, introducing a partial win or loss scenario depending on the match outcome.

Winning Scenarios in 1.5-2 (1.75 Goal) Betting

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In this unique market, the following scenarios occur:

For Over (1.75) Bets:

Full Win: If the total goals are three or more, you win the full amount.

Half Win: If the total goals are exactly two, you win half your stake at the full odds, the other half of the stake is returned.

Loss: If there are one or no goals, you lose the entire bet.

For Under (1.75) Bets:

Full Win: If the total goals are one or none, you win the full amount.

Half Loss: If the total goals are exactly two, you lose half of your stake, and the rest is returned.

Loss: If there are three or more goals, you lose the entire bet.

Real-Life Examples to Clarify the 1.75 Goal Betting

Example 1: Consider a match between Team A and Team B. If you placed an Over 1.75 bet and the match ended with a score of 2-1 (totaling three goals), you would win your bet completely. If the match ended 1-1, you would win half your stake, while a 1-0 result would mean a loss.

Example 2: In a fixture with a final score of 0-1, an Under 1.75 bet would result in a full win. However, a 1-1 score would lead to a half loss, and any score totaling three or more goals would result in a total loss.

Strategic Considerations for Betting on the 1.5-2 (1.75 Goal) Market

1. Analyze Team Statistics: Examine teams' offensive and defensive records. A match involving teams with strong defenses and weaker offenses might be a good candidate for an Under 1.75 bet.

2. Consider Match Context: Important games such as finals or relegation battles often have tighter, lower-scoring outcomes. This factor can influence whether betting Over or Under is more sensible.

3. Historical Head-to-Head: Review past encounters between the teams. Low-scoring histories could suggest another tight encounter, favoring an Under bet.


Betting on the Over/Under 1.5-2 (1.75 goals) market requires a nuanced understanding of football betting mechanics and the specific context of the match in question. By carefully analyzing statistical data, match importance, and team strategies, bettors can make more informed decisions, maximizing their chances of a favorable outcome. This market offers an interesting twist for seasoned sports bettors, providing a middle ground that can be both challenging and profitable.

In conclusion, understanding the Over/Under 1.5-2 (1.75 goals) betting market is crucial for bettors looking to capitalize on soccer betting opportunities. This type of bet splits the wager between two closely set totals, providing a nuanced approach that can benefit those with a strong grasp of team performances and scoring probabilities.

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When betting on this market, it is essential to consider the defensive and offensive capabilities of the teams, historical match outcomes, and the importance of the match itself, as these factors heavily influence the likelihood of the total number of goals scored. The potential to win all, half, or none of your stake based on the match result adds a layer of strategy and risk management that appeals to both seasoned and novice bettors.

Moreover, examples from real matches demonstrate how bettors can apply their knowledge to predict outcomes and place bets effectively. Whether opting for the Over or Under, understanding the mechanics of how winnings are calculated with half-goal increments can significantly enhance the betting experience.

By keeping these insights in mind and continually learning from each betting experience, enthusiasts can not only enjoy the thrill of soccer betting but also improve their chances of securing profitable returns. As always, responsible betting with a clear strategy and set limits is advisable to ensure that gambling remains a fun and manageable part of sports fandom.


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