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DC Social hikes - brandkit (2).png

Included in each hike: 

- mini yoga/mindfulness session

- mini social skills lesson

- 30 minute hike

- fun, skill-building games & activities


- each hike includes a 30-minute training session and Q&A for parents/caregivers to take place during the hikes!

- sessions will be offered in English with Spanish translation (some presenters are bilingual while a translator will be provided for others)

- CLICK HERE for more info

Please select the appropriate session for your hiker according to age:

The following includes various price options. Thank you in advance for paying what you are able so that we can continue offering this awesome program!

If you are looking for our scholarship form, REGISTER HERE (DC Residents only). 

Select an item ($)
Please let us know if you plan to attend parent/caregiver sessions:

Let us know a little bit about your hiker!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at (English and Spanish). 

Thanks for registering!

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